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Cách cài windows XP cho laptop CQ40 HP từ nhân viên HP

Mình chat với HP bên nước ngoài và xin họ đc cách cài cho CQ40 sang windws XP. Chú ý là bạn phải chọn đúng chipset của máy và down 1 trong 3 driver sata dưới đây cho phù hợp rồi là theo hướng dẫn. Hình như là cần có USB mới cài đc.
For Intel ICH7 chipset
For Intel ICH8M chipset
Intel ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller Driver :

Đây là nguyên văn thư:
Dear Tien,
I am Stephanie, from HP Total Care.
Thank you for contacting HP total care.
This email is a follow-up to our recent HP Notebook Chat experience.
I hope you find our session helpful and informative. I would like to ensure that the steps provided in the chat session are clear and concise.
You have contacted the issue with the unable to downgrade the issue from the Vista to XP.
I am sorry to inform you that HP does not recommend downgrading the operation system of your notebook as it is most compatible with the pre-installed version of operation system.
A few compatibility issues may occur if you downgrade your operation system of the notebook.
However, I am assist you in this regard.
Follow these instructions to install SATA drivers using Floppy (OR) CD-DVD Drive.
You can download this SoftPaq from the below Web site link:

For Intel ICH7 chipset
For Intel ICH8M chipset

Intel ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller Driver :

Note:This SoftPaq is ONLY required for use with a purchased retail Microsoft Operating System CD or DVD. It is not needed if an HP supplied Operating System CD or DVD is used. An HP supplied Operating System CD or DVD has the Intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver included. Using this SoftPaq with an HP supplied Operating System CD or DVD may result in a "blue screen" event during the operating system installation.

Download Instructions:

1. Download the SoftPaq .EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.

2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.A diskette containing the driver is created, and the driver files are also made available at c:\swsetup\sp39548. If you choose to cancel diskette creation, you will need to copy the driver files to the chosen media like Floppy or CD-DVD drive.

Installation Instructions for Win XP:

NOTE: A USB diskette (floppy) drive is required to use this driver. If an external USB diskette drive is used, ensure that it is plugged into the system before starting Step 1.

1. Insert the operating system CD, and Power On the notebook to boot from the CD.

2. At the very beginning of the operating system installation, the following prompt is displayed at the bottom of the screen:

"Press F6 if you need to install a SCSI or RAID driver...."

When the prompt is displayed, press F6.

3. Later in the operating system installation, you are notified that a mass storage device could not be detected. When this notification occurs, press S (S=Specify Additional Device).

4. When prompted, insert the diskette that was created from the SoftPaq file, and then press Enter.

5. Select "Intel ICH9M/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH9M-E/M)" and press Enter.

NOTE: At this point, the following prompt MAY be displayed, depending on the version of your operating system CD. If the prompt is displayed, press Enter to use the default Windows driver and continue, if it is not displayed, continue with Step 6. The prompt reads as follows:

Windows already has a driver that you can use for "Intel(R) ICH9MHEM/HBM SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH9M-E/M)".

Unless the device manufacturer prefers that you use the driver on the floppy disk, you should use the driver in Windows.

S=use the driver on floppy ENTER=use the default Windows driver

6. Continue with the operating system installation, as prompted.

NOTE: If a problem is encountered when using the external USB floppy drive, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 916196: "A connected USB floppy disk drive does not work when you press F6 to install mass storage drivers during the Windows XP installation process."
If you have any difficulty or if the issue still persists, we invite you to reconnect with our chat professionals and help us resolve your technical concerns. Our willing professional is ready to walk you through the easy-to-do-steps to your utmost satisfaction. Please visit the following website:

However, I did like to take this opportunity to share with you some additional resources which I feel would be informative and helpful in empowering you to use your HP product more effectively.
HP Wireless Networking Center:
Get more reliability and value with HP mobile and wireless solutions. Setting up a wireless network has never been so easy. Check out the Wireless Networking Center and get wireless mobility!
HP Battery Health Center
Maintain and extend the life of your battery. In today's mobile world rechargeable battery technology is powering the way we work and play. This center provides the tools and information that you need to get the best performance from your portable batteries.
HP Notebook PCs - Checking the Health of the Battery
Please go through the below links to increase the Notebook Performance.
Perform the steps mentioned in the Website.
Website XP:
Website Vista:
And here is an additional weblink to improve the performance of the Notebook PC:
Note: The URL below will take you to a non-HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Win...6bdf0190611033 .mspx
Note : Make sure you copy the web link and paste in the address box of the new browser window, then press Enter Key.
HP Pavilion Notebook PCs – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Browse through the FAQs regarding your notebook PC
I am sure you would value these efforts to see you satisfied with our support and product. For any questions and clarification please use the below mentioned URL. I request you to note, this issue-specific interaction is best resolved on Chat medium; hence do not reply to this email.
Have a nice day, Take care, Bye.
HP Total Care.


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Re: Cách cài windows XP cho laptop CQ40 HP từ nhân viên HP

Cái này thì biết rồi, mình có chat với họ để tìm driver cho XP. Nói chung cái HP Total Care làm việc rất tốt.

Down cái Intel ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller Driver về, burn ra.
Dùng Nlite add vào bản WindowsXP -> ghi ra đĩa và cài.
Việc còn lại là tìm các driver.
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Re: Cách cài windows XP cho laptop CQ40 HP từ nhân viên HP

bác ơi con CQ 40 cài xp có đầy đủ driver nhưng mà nó ko nhận sound đâu bác. Bác phải up bios nó mới nhận đó
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