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Re: [PC] Grim Dawn [Action/Adventure/RPG/Multiplayer/Coop/2016]

Originally Posted by liongvn View Post

game 24$ đang được giảm 10% còn 22$ trên steam ,không dễ để nó release free DRM trong ít nhất 3 tháng tới đâu,nếu làm thì nó đã release trên gog trước rồi
DRM-Free copy - Part of this is setting up distribution, which requires a little work but should be much less complicated than the virtual goods since we're just sending out one thing to all backers. We do however want to make sure we wrap up any significant hotfixes so we don't package up a DRM-free build that immediate needs to be updated... which would be a problem since there is no service, like Steam, that you can just connect to for automatic updates. In the future we'll probably just have to distribute updates as full builds or set up some sort of patcher. I think we can have this out by the end of next week (March 4th), if not sooner.

On a related note, we are also planning a GoG release. We should have a version of GD out on the GoG store sometime in March.
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