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Re: [Giúp đỡ] Tìm lỗi sai trong bài tập tiếng anh này giúp em

Originally Posted by pepepepe View Post
At the university , I met a lot of new friend but the one who made me impressed is X . His appearance is not special , he not handsome, he is fat and short , not generous man but his confident and humorous made me impressed , he can perform in a crowed place ,make another people laugh, . In my opinion maybe he is an optimist person , a team player , a sweatheart . Sometimes the teacher give us so many homework , make us fell so tired but his humorous make anyone feel better so we can do homework well . He love talking with cute girl , playing game and sleeping . His dream is being a rich man and have a big family . Although I have just met him and I don’t know much about him but also I’m think he is a good guy , a good friend . Each day goes, we become closer. He is very kind not only with me but also with everyone. I hope my friendship grows up and forever even over the longest distance.:
Chỉ có thể giúp thớt tới đó . Bài này câu văn lũng cũng quá

- friends
- he is not
- confidence
- humor
- crowded
- gave/gives
- humor
- loves
- having
- bỏ từ also đi
- I
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