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America urges Germany to stop using Huawei's devices

Under the affection of America, many countries in Europe have stopped using products from China's biggest telecommunication maker - Huawei. America, as did with other countries before, hopes Germany stop or at least limit the using of Huawei's products in domestic internet and telecommunication system

Germany Telecom DT subsidies are going to merged with America's 3rd and 4th biggest operator (T-mobile and Sprint) has accepted America's surveillance mechanism in Germany under US system. If the merge goes in good manner, it will takes up 28 billion US dollar for completion planned to be finished completely before 2019. However, under the pressure of US goverment's demand Germany's company need to stop or limit using other Huawei's brand system in case that it will affect the US's security as the whole.

Analyst says that the merger of Sprint and T-mobile are very important to DT because it will help them to compete better than 1st and 2nd biggest telecom companies of US in the future.

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Facing "induce" fo US, Germany Telecom is still under consideration; China's relation with Germany very good, DT and Huawei situation is the same. Berlin today trying to keep distant with American on China's trade issue. The problem raised recently due to action of Huawei to offer contract to set up and establish first and whole Western Europe on 5G network. Huawei, therefore, will using system on 3.5Ghz and 100Mhz frequency to serve as way to make 5G in Europe become true.

"Europe need to believe in China advancement and competitiveness on ICT's products, at international standard aspect, their product even more application." Clay Reims says, "If we feel not safe, not believe in the independant of China's sci-tech. Using technology of China will help themselves save money for future Europe innovation."
Lu Kang - China's external trading spokesman says that China government will not have any back-door to make any Company to do bad business, but they always hope domestic companies to do business with other countries but always have to follow and international law and local regulation.

"Today, China's tech company Huawei only have "surface" providing on devices, no other information on deeper layer of infrastructure yet explored by Media", David Kennedy - an analyst of DT adds

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